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Financial Planning :

The architecture of financial security

A successful financial plan is about more than portfolio performance. It’s a pathway that takes you from where you are to where you truly want to be.

That’s why the Maniquemala Advisory Services financial planning process starts with the relationship between you and our expert financial advisor.

Our financial planning process includes four steps:


All your financial documentation, insurance, real estate, and Stocks documents are consolidated in one place.


We evaluate your current situation from a big-picture perspective, which may include cash flow, risk assessment, real estate, small business needs, estate plans, tax strategies, retirement investment accounts and education investments.


You’ll receive a financial probability analysis that shows the likelihood of achieving your goals with your current situation.


You’ll get a recommendation on how to better achieve your goals that goes far beyond your investment portfolio.

Investment Planning:

Your pathway to performance and peace of mind

Portfolio performance is as much about minimizing risk as it is about recognizing upside. That’s why Maniquemala Advisory Services in-house investment team first understands your risk tolerance and your goals to set your personal asset allocation policy.

Only within that context, as a team, Maniquemala Advisory Services attempt to identify favorable global market conditions and economic sectors poised for growth. Once we’ve narrowed down these favorable conditions, we do extensive proprietary and secondary research to find stocks, Mutual Funds, ETFs, and bonds with track records that give us confidence to project continued growth in the future. This is more than just financial products, our team researches the management, process, returns and fee structures.

In order to further diversify your portfolio and provide you with greater stability, we may invest in alternative investments.

Tax Planning : Fuel efficiency for your finances

A key component of financial planning is gaining tax efficiency. Maniquemala Advisory Services works with you and your tax preparer so you retain as much of your earned income as possible.

We do this in three steps:

Adjusted gross income (AGI)

AGI is what you are taxed on, and there are ways to lower it—like accounting for qualified retirement plans and/or the interest paid on certain debt such as student loans.

Maximize deductions

Once your AGI is established, you can still reduce your tax burden by taking deductions for mortgage interest, charitable gifts, state taxes and more.

Tax credits

You may also qualify for tax credits you weren’t aware of which may reduce your tax burden. Some of the more common tax credits are the earned income credit, tax credits for college expenses, and the adoption of a child.

Retirement Planning : Blueprint for your best years

Day dreaming about retiring can be an inspiring way to pass the time. At Maniquemala Advisory Services, we’re dedicated to making your dreams a reality.

As a part of our exclusive planning model, we can help you evaluate employer retirement plans and select individual retirement accounts appropriate for your retirement goals.


We listen to your retirement goals and gather all information on current retirement accounts and more.


You’ll get a tailored financial recommendation with an appropriate retirement account set up and a strategic timeline to maximize your Social Security benefits.


We continually keep you informed through transparent reports and proactive recommendations tethered to your retirement goals and objectives. When you have questions, we will be there to find the right answers for you.


Our in-house team works with you side-by-side to put your plan into action. This includes choosing the right investment accounts for you. We balance your goals with your risk tolerance, reaching beyond retirement investments to also encompass Social Security, long- term care insurance, wealth transfer and more in a resilient, personalized and integrated portfolio.